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Las Vegas Exotic Car Driving Tour

Drive three high-performance cars on a 30-mile route that leads you through straightaways and twisting canyon roads of the Lake Mead National Park! This is the only on-road driving experience in Las Vegas and cannot be beaten for fun and thrills.


  • 30 miles of unforgettable driving
  • Drive 3 different cars for up to a 2.5 hour experience
  • Access to Lake Mead and picturesque scenic overlooks
  • Safety briefing included before each tour
  • Debrief and complimentary hotel drop-off included after the tour is complete (within 3 mile radius)


  • Must be at least 21 years of age to drive
  • Passengers must be 6 years old and at least 60 pounds
  • Must have full coverage insurance that extends to the vehicles or purchase our coverage
  • Drivers are responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle while they are behind the wheel
  • Major Credit card required for security deposit
  • Fee Disclaimer* A $25 park fee is required for each tour booking to gain access to Lake Mead National Recreation area for all Las Vegas tours.
  • Tours are non-refundable
  • Tours require a minimum number of drivers to operate, rescheduled tours may be required if not enough drivers are booked.


Las Vegas Exotic Car Driving Tour

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