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San Francisco/Napa Valley Exotic Car Driving Tour

Imagine driving the world's best Exotic cars along the most breath taking roads that California has to offer. With over 3500 bhp at your finger tips, you get behind the wheel of 6 different exotics from the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Aston Martin and other luxury marques. Stop off at a key points to change vehicle and enjoy the ecstatic discussion with fellow participants whilst looking forward to the rest of the drive. We offer these driving tours in the most scenic locations in California, including, San Francisco Bay area, Napa Valley, Malibu, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Newport Beach and La Jolla, San Diego. 


  • 100 miles plus of unforgettable driving
  • Drive 6 different cars for a once in a lifetime experience
  • Bring a passenger along for the ride!
  • Safety briefing included before each tour
  • Debrief


  • Must be 21 or older to drive
  • Passengers must be 6 years old and at least 60 pounds
  • Must have proof of full coverage insurance 
  • Drivers are responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle while they are behind the wheel


San Francisco/Napa Valley Exotic Car Driving Tour

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